Experimental Gameplay Project – 7

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I have to admit: level design is not really my thing.
During my level-building I was constantly distracted by all kinds of features I wanted to add to the game. I spent about 10 hours last days, and only half of it on level design/building. The other half I spent doing some more polishing.


Here is what I did:

  • Built 2 more levels
  • Changed fonts
  • Changed some graphics (menu, background in game)
  • Added some graphic effects for season switching
  • Added sound effects (not great, but it’s something)
  • Moved level selection to a new screen and changed it
  • Added Help screen
  • Added About screen
  • Fixed minor bugs in enemy movement
  • Probably some other things I can’t remember

Play the most recent version here (to play, click on the game to give it focus):


Adding sound is really easy when you use Flixel. You can just use a statement like:


It’s as easy as that.

Creating good sound effects is not that easy at all. So for now I created some ‘retro’ sound effects using ‘Sfxr’, a tool that is widely used during game-jams. It can be found here.

There is no music (yet). Creating original music is hard and time consuming. So not sure I have time for that.

Concept and design

When I was designing and building levels, I found out that my game design of this game is not what I had expected. There just is not enough mechanics to build 10 different levels.

Also, when I thought of the concept (use season-switching to affect gameplay and strategy etc), the ability to switch seasons was meant to be a ‘power’ of the player. But when building the levels I found out that the player is forced to change seasons instead of using this ‘power’ when the player desires.
This is not necessarily wrong, but it changes the gameplay, so it affects the ‘fun factor’.

The problem I have now is the ‘identity’ of the game. Whan genre is it? A real platformer? A puzzle platformer? Why the time as a score? What am I missing to make it more fun?

I have to give these questions and problems some thought and I will evaluate the outcome of my game when it’s finished. Even when it does not turn out to be what I wanted, it is at least a great experience to learn from.

Up next

Although I did polish the game some more, it is still not finished yet, because I need more levels…

So up next:

  • levels
  • levels
  • levels
  • … and probably more polishing

Time left: 17 – 10 = 7 hours.


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