Experimental Gameplay Project – 6

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I’m still in the process of making levels. And yes, it’s still hard. And no, I don’t have an update to show, because I didn’t had that much free time last week.

I found out that my gameplay mechanics are not enough to make interesting levels. The whole concept of the game is changing the environment from sunny summer to froze winter and back and by that the player is able to find/reach/collect all collectibles. But the changes between summer and winter are too few. It feels like I’m missing some elements to make it really fun.
All I have now is:

  • Winter is slippery, so difficult to run and jump fast -> player needs skills
  • In Winter you cannot climb, so some areas may be impossible to reach -> player needsto plan the season changes
  • In Summer water is deadly, so some areas may be impossible to reach -> player needs to plan the season changes
  • In winter enemies stand still. That seems easier, but they can stand in the way of the player -> player has to plan

And that’s about it. I can only think of a few interesting puzzles/challenges, and that’s not enough for 10 levels.

Maybe my game concept is not ‘rich’ enough, or maybe I’m a lousy level designer.

The designs I have on paper will be transformed to real levels the next days. At the moment I don’t have that much free time to do it all, but I have plenty of time left to finish this game this month, or the next.

And I will finish it, even if I’m not all satisfied with my design choices. Finishing a project is important. It feels like an accomplishment (and it is). Besides, it is not a complete game I’m making. In the end it is just a prototype, an experiment. So it does not have to be perfect.

I hope to find some time this weekend to build the levels. Maybe not 10, but at least a couple so I can find out whether my game design makes any sense or not.


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