Experimental Gameplay Project – 5

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Ok, level design is hard. I knew this up front, but now I’m in the middle of it.
I drew some parts of levels on paper, but nothing complete yet. Just some ideas of ‘puzzles’ and challenges.

What is fun?

When designing a level it is really hard to tell whether the level will be fun or not.
Because I don’t have that much time for this project, and I have to playtest myself, I have to set my own criteria for ‘fun’.
A level in this game is fun when:

  • the player must think and plan his actions
  • there are multiple ways to ‘solve’ the level
  • a level is tough to beat the first time
  • a level has surprises
  • a level that requires skill

So, what did I came up with?

  • sunflower above the water -> requires quick season switch
  • level with a lot of season changes -> requires planning
  • level with a lot of snowflakes -> requires skill, because of slippery grounds
  • themed level with a lot of running
  • themed level with a lot of climbing
  • etc

But nothing of that implemented yet. I will do this coming week.


So what did I do the last few days?

  • Added a ‘level 0’ which contains the introduction and a ‘story’ (which is not really a story, but it sets some context)
  • Removed introduction from menu
  • Added automatic savegame. Best level times are saved
  • Added locked levels.
  • Added splashscreen with the score at the end of the level.

So not that much really. I also did not meet any real challenges. The last few day I spent about 8 hours total (some on leveldesign and some on developing).

Play the most recent version here (to play, click on the game to give it focus):

Up next

Levels, levels levels. I really need to build some levels. So thats what I’m gonna spend my time on this week.

After that, I can polish it some more if I have still time left.

Time left: 25 – 8 = 17 hours</div


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