Experimental Gameplay Project – 3

(Next post: Experimental Gameplay Project 4), previous post: Experimental Gameplay Project 2)

This day I had about 8 hours to continue building my prototype. Things I did:

  • Added enemies
  • Added ‘death’ (on touching enemies and water)
  • Added slippery ground in winter
  • Fixed ladders. Can climb down now
  • Added some particles and shake on death
  • Added a main menu
  • Added sky background with parallax scrolling
  • Added a title: ‘5 summers left’.

Play current version here (to play, click on the game to give it focus):

Collecting stuff

So now I have most game elements. One important thing to add: collectibles. I was thinking about collectibles that only show in Winter (like snowman, snowflake, ice) and a collectible that only show in Summer (Flower or so).
Those season dependent collectibles combined with limited season changes per level, are good for challenging puzzles.
After I have added that, I can make challenging puzzles/levels.


While developing this, I’m learning a lot about Flixel and 2D platformers and all problems/challenges that come with them.
For instance, ‘ladders’ were a challenge. Because the combination Flixel/DAME/Flixel Power Tools, the collision detection in the level is all taken care of. But that makes climbing down a platform, and being able to walk on it, a problem. So I had to add an invisible layer of extra items and do a manual collision detection on them.
There were some more problems I had to solve and not all of them were easy to find on the internet.
So for those who are interested, I will do a posting on the techniques I used to solve my problems. But first I have to finish this project.

Up next


  • Collectibles
  • Extra levels
  • Level select in menu
  • Interface elements for score etc
  • Exit to next level
  • Sound
  • Future: new art
  • Make it fun

Time spent today: 8 hours, mainly on programming, a little on art creation and some on learning new stuff like particles.
Time left: 43 – 8 = 35 hours


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