Experimental Gameplay Project – 2

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So, this prototype must be ready in less than 7 days. Because I don’t have 7 fulltime days, I set my own rule: This prototype must be ready in 40 – 60 hours. This includes brainstorming, gamedesign, art creation, programming etc.

Time spent so far:
Ideas/brainstorming: 2 hours
Gamedesign: 2 hours
Art creation 3 hours
Programming (including learning new stuff): 10 hours
Total: 17 hours


Because I had never made a 2D platform game before, I had to learn some new stuff. New stuff learned: Flixel, Photonstorm’s Flixel Power Tools, Tilesheets/Tilemaps

Tools & techniques I’m using:
Target platform: Flash
Language: Haxe (target Flash)
Libraries: NME, Flixel, Flixel Power Tools
IDE: FlashDevelop
Graphics creation: Adobe Photoshop
Tilemaps creation: DAME

Stuff I read to learn about Flixel and 2D platform games:
The guide to implementing 2D platformers
Photonstorm Flash game dev tips

Game so far

So this is what I have after my first 17 hours:

  • Basic platformer
  • 1 level
  • half working ladders (cannot climb down from platform)
  • graphics for summer and winter
  • main character animation
  • season switch

Play it here (to play, click on the game to give it focus):

Up next

To do:

  • Make ladders work
  • Enemies
  • Collectibles
  • Start en end level
  • Next level
  • Slippery winter
  • Kill player by enemy and water
  • Timer/score
  • Userinterface elements

Time left: 60 – 17 = 43 hours


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