A game prototype for the Experimental Gameplay Project – 1

(Next post on this subject: Experimental Gameplay Project 2)

This month I’m planning to build a game prototype for the Experimental Gameplay Project.
To participate in the project you have to build a game protoype in less than 7 days, it has to be developed by one person and it must be based on the theme of the month.
For november and december the theme is ‘Temperature‘.
I have a few ideas already and I will be building a Flash game using the Flixel game library. For this game I will use Haxe NME instead of ActionScript to build the game. With Haxe you can develop software for multiple targets using one codebase. Flixel has been ported to Haxe by Beeblerox: HaxeFlixel

Gameplay idea

The idea I have is a 2D side scrolling platform game where the main character can switch seasons (summer and winter). In winter settings he can travel across water but cannot climb ladders. In summer water will kill him, but he can climb the ladders. Enemies are frozen in the winter, but the ground is more slippery. So each season has its own pros and cons.
The player can switch seasons only 5 times or so. So his actions have to be planned carefully. To beat a level, he has to collect ‘things’.
This is the main gameplay idea. Maybe there will be a time limit, or maybe each level is a time trial (beat the level as fast as possible). Maybe some more focus on puzzle elements and strategic path planning and season changings, etc. etc.

But first things first. I have never made a platform game before, so that is a challenge. Next post will be about the adventures of building a basic 2D platformer.

2 responses

  1. Just played your prototype — very cool! Some checkpoints would help though. 🙂

  2. Thanks!
    And checkpoints are not a bad idea. I’ll keep this in mind for my gamedesign evaluation.

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